Nicholas Constant





With an interest in the spectacle of modern warfare, I explore spaces in which conflict occur particularly interested in the indirect effects on war; how they surface in the everyday and how these issues are dealt with in absence of mainstream media. Using a simple, unintrusive approach to many of the projects, I attempt to make invisible subjects visible through the use of landscape and context. Photographing in a slow and quiet manor, I try to force the viewer to study the image to extract the most information they can to then be reinforced by their own contextual knowledge and personal views. Consciously realising my place as a western spectator of modern conflict issues, I try to make work which aims to resonate with the western viewer in a non-confrontational way, believing empathy is most effective when the viewer pieces the puzzle together for themselves. 



Offprint, TATE, 2018; Cream '15, Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton, 2015; UCA Graduate Show, Rochester, 2015; Black Box Exhibition, Medway Photo Festival, 2014; Free Range, Truman Brewery, 2015


Magnum Graduate Photographer of the year 2016, talked at Photo London 2016

Source Graduate Photographer of the Year 2015

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